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Lab & Workshop Facilities
Our workshop is facilitated with precision set of workshop calibration equipment certified by the accredited society to meet the well known classification regulations and standard.

Below is a list of calibration equipment and facilities but not limited to:
Cable identificator   Cable identifier
Cable tracer   Capacitance tester
Control valve hydro testing bench   Current injector
Cutting and welding machine   Electrical / Electronic test bench
Endurance tester   Function generator
Frequency generator   HART & field communicator
Overhead crane   Lifting equipment
Milliamp source   Machining, Drilling and Grinding facilities
ODME simulator bench   Pneumatic / Hydraulic test bench
N2 Snuffing System   Multi-purpose purging equipment
Portable flushing hydraulic power pack   Portable gas analyzers
Portable pressure / Temperature calibrator   Tachometer
Walkie-talkie   5 ton bullet gun
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