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Sinco Automasi carry a wide range of instrumentation and electrical equipment in stock for immediate delivery, including new equipment, new instruments, new spares and even some reconditioned spares.
We are the authorized aftersales service partner, authorized distributor, agent and or partner of following manufacturers / Makers :-
Hanla IMS – Instrumentation Monitoring System
Hanla IMS is a market leader in the Korea shipbuilding market in Hydraulic Valve Remote Control system (VRC), Tank Monitoring & Management System, Level Gauges, Level Switches, Level Transmitters, Radar Sensors, High & Overfill Alarm, Loading Computer, Alarm Monitoring System, Water Ingress Detection System, Vapour Emission Control, Fixed Gas Sampling Detection System and LED lightings. Hanla has also developed EcoGuardian Ballast Water Management System (BWMS). Their Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) is by pre-filtration and Electrolysis. The retrofitting and treatment method is side-stream type. READ MORE »  
Marine Radio Co. – Internal Communication and Broad Casting equipment
MRC occupies around 70% of the Korean shipbuilding market. Their quality products include Public Address PA system, Intercom, Talk-Back, Auto Telephone Exchange PABX system, Marine Master Clock system, CCTV surveillance system, Sound Powered Telephone, Common Battery Telephone System, Paging System, GMDSS Console, and Integrated Bridge System. READ MORE »  
Green Instruments A/S – Monitoring & Protection, Environmental and Energy Optimizing Solutions
Green Instruments specializes in Carbon Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), Smoke Emissions, Opacity Monitors, Ambient Oil Mists Detection System, Oxygen Analyzers, NOx Emissions to monitor NOx content to optimize the fuel consumption, Boiler Protection Exhaust Gas Economizer Monitor and Water Monitoring System. READ MORE »  
BY Controls, Inc – Control Valves And Watertight Sliding & Pilot Door
By Controls has long history manufacturing Control Valves, Regulating & Safety Valves, Pressure Reducing Valve, Temperature Regulating Valve, safety & Relief Valve, Hydeck Manual Hydraulic Remote Control Valve operating System, EPCON electro-pneumatic controller, Container Spreader, Watertight Sliding Door, Pilot Door, Engine Top Bracer and Valve Remote Control System (VRC). Their VRC includes Hydraulic Power Unit, Solenoid Valve Cabinet, Control Console, Butterfly Valve, Hydraulic Actuator and Emergency Hand Pump. READ MORE »  
Rivertrace Engineering RTE – Water Quality Monitoring
Rivertrace produces a range of products that meet and exceed the I.M.O. resolutions MEPC 107(49) and MEPC 108 (49) relating to water discharges from ships. They are renowned for their Smart Cell Bilge Alarm and Smart ODME. RTE’s OCD XTRA – Oil In Water Analyzer accurately measure oil at 0-200ppm in the blackest produced water. Other proprietary products includes SmartSafe Bilge Overboard Security System, Smart 50M & OCD 50M Boiler Condensate / Cooling Water Monitor. READ MORE »  
Brannstrom Sweden AB – ODME and OWS 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor
Brannstrom is renowned for its Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME) CleanTrack 900 & CleanTrack 1000, the OWS BilgMon 15 PPM Bilge
Alarm Monitoring Unit and the BTM-2000 Turbidity Meter. READ MORE »
Jowa – Tank Measurement and Sampling
Jowa proprietary Metritape tank gauging system is a non-mechanical, continuous level sonsor which offers clear advantages over other level technologies, especially, in thick, sticky liquids that causes mechanical level gauges to seize. With over 30,000 units installed throughout the world, the Metritape resistance-tape level sensor is a proven success. READ MORE »  
Tyco Marine Solutions – Tyco / Thorn Security / Minerva – Fire & Gas Detection System
Tyco offers a comprehensive range of Fire & Gas Detection System, Fire Detection & Alarm, Analogue Addressable and Conventional,
Flame Detection, Gas Detection, and CO2 Fire Alarm System.READ MORE »
Consilium As – Fire & Gas Detection System
Consilium’s Salwico Fire & Gas Detection System are the world’s most famous for ships in general and for LNG vessels and Cruise ships in
particular. Consilium has the fully worldwide responsibility for Honeywell Eltek and Servoteknik fire detection brand. READ MORE »
KC Ltd – Corrosion Protection and Anti-Fouling System
KC Ltd is a market leader in Impressed Current Corrosion Protection System (ICCP), Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS) and Shaft Earthing Device. READ MORE »  
Rotork – Actuators & Flow Controls
Rotork specializes in Actuators and Flow Control where the flow of gases or liquids needs to be controlled. Rotork Controls – Electric actuators and control systems. Rotork Fluid System – Pneumatic & Hydraulic actuators and control systems. Rotork Gears – Gearbox assemblies and valve adaptation kits. Rotork Instruments – Pressure & Flow Controls instruments. READ MORE »  
Fairchild – Precision Control Solutions
Fairchild specializes in precision pneumatic control instruments such as electro-pneumatic Transducers, pressure regulators, pneumatic relays, volume boosters and its accessories. READ MORE »  
Aquafine – Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems (Trojan UV)
Featuring industry’s most advanced water maker and treatment system for UV Sterilizer and Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. READ MORE »  
CVS Controls Ltd – Control Valves
CVS Controls manufactures Control Valves and associated instrumentation products to specification that facilitate the direct replacement with FISHER process control equipment. The key products are Control Valves, ESD, actuators, controllers, regulators, positioners, limit switch, Norriseal controls and etc. READ MORE »  


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